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The First Sub-Prime Mortgage Crisis and its Aftermath

  title={The First Sub-Prime Mortgage Crisis and its Aftermath},
  author={Timothy J. Riddiough},
  journal={Urban Research eJournal},
Financial markets in the years and months leading up to the financial crisis of 2007-08 were characterised by growth in the shadow banking sector, pyramiding and hidden leverage in the consumer and financial sectors, off-balance sheet financing by systemically important firms, and mortgage securitisation and other “creative” financing schemes that some say resembled games of “hot potato” and “hide the sausage.” The failure of a prominent financial institution triggered an eventual full collapse… Expand
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Prawidlowa identyfikacja i pomiar ryzyka oraz określenie jego akceptowalnego poziomu stanowią podstawe zarządzania ryzykiem kredytowym zarowno w banku, jak i w calym systemie bankowym. Ostatni kryzysExpand


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