The First Oil Shock? Nixon, Congress, and the 1973 Petroleum Crisis

  title={The First Oil Shock? Nixon, Congress, and the 1973 Petroleum Crisis},
  author={Jordan Cohen},
  journal={The Journal of the Middle East and Africa},
  pages={49 - 68}
  • Jordan Cohen
  • Published 2 January 2021
  • History
  • The Journal of the Middle East and Africa
ABSTRACT This article investigates whether the United States had prior knowledge of the 1973 oil crisis instituted by Arab countries in 1973. It argues, using predominantly primary source documents, that as early as 1971, Washington understood the Arab nations were willing to use oil as an economic weapon. Furthermore, government officials had drafted contingency plans to ameliorate the enormous deleterious economic impact. Unfortunately, the gridlocked Congress and the erosion of executive… 
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The oil “crisis”