The First Long Shutdown ( Ls 1 ) for the Lhc

  title={The First Long Shutdown ( Ls 1 ) for the Lhc},
  author={Frederik Bordry and Shelby Baird and K. Foraz and A. L. Perrot and Rachel Saban and Jean-Philippe Tock},
The LHC has been delivering data to the physics experiments since the first collisions in 2009. The first long shutdown (LS1), which started on 14 February 2013, was triggered by the need to consolidate the magnet interconnections to allow the LHC to operate at the design energy of 14 TeV in the centre-of-mass. It has now become a major shutdown, which, in addition, includes other repairs, consolidation, upgrades and cabling across the whole accelerator complex and the associated experimental… CONTINUE READING