The First Laws of Genomics

  title={The First Laws of Genomics},
  author={Piotr P. Slonimski and Marie-Odile Moss{\'e} and Pawel Golik and Alain H{\'e}naut and Jean-Loup Risler and Jonathan Cornett and Jonathan Audet and Agnieszka Wozniak and Eric Gl{\'e}met and J. J. Codanit},
Several complete sequences of microbial genomes have been recently established. They comprise 6087 Open Reading Frames (ORFs) i.e. genes potentially coding for proteins) from the budding yeast (a eukaryote) and more than 10000 ORFs from Mycoplasma, Haemophilus, Methanococcus, Synechocystis and Escherichia coli (eubacteria and archaebacteria). Using specially developped mathematical and computer tools, we have made the pairwise alignments (by the Smith and Waterman dynamic programming) of all… CONTINUE READING

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