The First International and the Russian Obshchina

  title={The First International and the Russian Obshchina},
  author={Alan Kimball},
  journal={Slavic Review},
  pages={491 - 514}
  • A. Kimball
  • Published 1973
  • History, Economics
  • Slavic Review
Russian revolutionists in the 1870s had a long history of opposition to build on—from the massive Pugachev peasant rebellion during the reign of Catherine the Great to an aristocratic conspiracy (Decembrist Revolt) at the end of the reign of Alexander II. They also drew on a rich indigenous fund of social criticism and programs, the latest and most important of which were the writings of Alexander Herzen and Nikolai Ogarev, the proclamations of the Land and Liberty group, and the radical… 

Russian revolutionary terrorism in transnational perspective : representations and networks, 1881-1926

Russian revolutionary terrorism was a transnational phenomenon in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. This thesis explores how representations of terrorism were influenced by

Specters of Dependency: Hou Yuon and the Origins of Cambodia's Marxist Vision (1955–1975)

  • Matthew Galway
  • Political Science
    Cross-Currents: East Asian History and Culture Review
  • 2019
This article traces the intellectual contributions of Communist Party of Kampuchea (CPK) intellectual and founder Hou Yuon, whose influence on party policy has been the subject of scholarly debate.

The Social Function of Property: Russia

  • K. Malfliet
  • Economics
    Léon Duguit and the Social Obligation Norm of Property
  • 2019
Property ownership in Russia always has been looked upon as the key to power. This political implication of property ownership, with its specific fusion of public power and property ownership remains

The Meaning, Prospects, and Future of the Commons: Revisiting the Legacies of Elinor Ostrom and Henry George

Elinor Ostrom's work on the commons has convinced mainstream economists that “collective” governance of the commons can overcome the “tragedy of the commons” and “free-rider problems.” Yet, a more

Work in Progress and/or Recently Completed

  • M. McDowell
  • Newsletter, European Labor and Working Class History
  • 1974

Work in Progress and/or Recently Completed

  • M. McDowell
  • Newsletter, European Labor and Working Class History
  • 1974



Narodnichestvo: A Semantic Inquiry

It has been said of so-called old English traditions that on closer scrutiny they usually turn out to date back no further than Queen Victoria. Mutatis mutandis, the same observation can be made

Memoirs of a Revolutionist

botany, mathematics, and the rest were soon introduced into the curriculum of the pedagogical courses, which became preparatory for the university. Step by step the women thus widened their rights.

La Première Internationale en Espagne (1868-1888)

d'amples mouvements : developpement de l'industrie, mutation de l'artisan jusqu'a l'ouvrier de la grande industrie, premieres crises economiques modernes, grandes « affaires » politiques

Iz rechei na sude A. I. Zheliabova, N. I. Kibal'chicha i S

  • Slavic Review