The First Historical Movements of Kinesiology: Scientification in the Borderline between Physical Culture and Medicine around 1850

  title={The First Historical Movements of Kinesiology: Scientification in the Borderline between Physical Culture and Medicine around 1850},
  author={Anders Ottosson},
  journal={The International Journal of the History of Sport},
  pages={1892 - 1919}
  • A. Ottosson
  • Published 21 July 2010
  • Education
  • The International Journal of the History of Sport
The kinesiology concept is used worldwide and by many different professional groups with scientific aspirations. Yet nobody seems to know much about where it comes from and why it came into existence. This article traces the origins of the concept back to one of Sweden's greatest cultural exports of the nineteenth century – Swedish gymnastics – and the efforts of especially Swedish physiotherapists and physical educators to spread its scientific doctrines throughout the world. Primarily their… 
Boundary work: the Mensendieck system and physiotherapy education in Norway
It is argued that over the course of the middle decades of the 20th century, advocates of the Mensendieck System and providers of orthodox, biomedically informed physiotherapy, came together and found a way to work collaboratively in a shared space without compromising their distinctive professional identities.
A century-long struggle towards professionalism. Key factors in the growth of the physiotherapists’ role in the United States, from subordinated practitioners to autonomous professionals
Abstract This article, adopting a historical point of view, aims to shed light and provide some insights into the long-lasting, tortuous process that led to a full recognition of the legitimacy of
Androphobia, Demasculinization, and Professional Conflicts: The Herstories of the Physical Therapy Profession Deconstructed
Research on the beginning of the physical therapy profession in different countries often identifies it as a traditional female occupation. Its original semiprofessional character is also pointed
The Rise of Massage and Medical Gymnastics in London and Paris before the First World War
  • Grégory Quin
  • Economics
    Canadian bulletin of medical history = Bulletin canadien d'histoire de la medecine
  • 2017
The article analyzes all of the processes surrounding this rise, paying special attention to the influence of the ambassadors of Swedish gymnastics (which led to the re-invention of massage across Europe), to the installation of physiotherapy in hospitals in London and in Paris, and to the practical and institutional innovations driven by nurses in England and by doctors in France.
Physical therapies in 19th century Aotearoa/New Zealand: Part 3 - Rotorua Spa and discussion
This is the final paper reporting on a historiographic study of physical therapies in 19th century Aotearoa/New Zealand. Here we focus on the development of the Rotorua Spa in the final decades of
Bodies, Sport and Science in the Nineteenth Century *
Weston’s walk was part of an international debate about science, and a national debate about the relationship between the state and its citizens, which embroiled chemists, physiologists, physicists, doctors and social reformers for years.
In the early 1800s, Peter Henry Ling was perhaps the first to notice what numerous others pioneers of physiotherapy have already observed in the past centuries: massage and physical exercises are critical for healing many chronic and acute forms of pain.
The Manipulated History of Manipulations of Spines and Joints? Rethinking Orthopaedic Medicine Through the 19th Century Discourse of European Mechanical Medicine
It will show that Orthopaedic Medicine likely is the oldest system and unearth OM’s sturdy roots in a strong but forgotten, and even hidden, discourse of Mechanical Medicine found in 19th century Europe, which was ruled by Physical Therapists.
Use of tactile massage as an effective therapy for elderly : A qualitative literature review
The revision of the literature targeted in this study demonstrate a positive impact of massage and highlights that besides the primary effects such pain relief and relaxation, the use of massage enhances the well-being, health and quality of life of elderly.


From Physical Education to Kinanthropology: A Quest for Academic and Professional Identity
This paper traces the origins of the current dissatisfaction with the term physical education. A retrospective–comparative overview is given of the major conceptual trends and structural developments
Roots of Physical Medicine, Physical Therapy, and Mechanotherapy in the Netherlands in the 19th Century: A Disputed Area within the Healthcare Domain
  • T. Terlouw
  • Medicine
    The Journal of manual & manipulative therapy
  • 2007
The hypothesis is that the intra- and inter-occupational rivalries discussed have had a negative impact on the academic development of physical medicine, orthopaedics, and heilgymnastics/physical therapy in the Netherlands in the first half of the 20 th century.
George Goodheart, Jr., D.C., and a history of applied kinesiology.
Applied Kinesiology (AK), founded by Michigan chiropractor George J. Goodheart, Jr., is a popular diagnostic and therapeutic system used by many health care practitioners and research on the topic is in its infancy.
Recruitment of single human low-threshold motor units with increasing loads at different muscle lengths.
  • P. McNulty, A. Cresswell
  • Biology
    Journal of electromyography and kinesiology : official journal of the International Society of Electrophysiological Kinesiology
  • 2004
Sjukgymnasten - vart tog han vägen? : en undersökning av sjukgymnastyrkets maskulinisering och avmaskulinisering 1813-1934
Idag ar sjukgymnasten oftast en kvinna, men fran borjan var det ett totalt mansdominerat yrke. Pa 1800-talet var sjukgymnaster adliga eller hogborgerliga man, som i regel ocksa var officerare i
The historical roots and branches of kinesiology', which is supported by Centrum för Idrottsforskning (Centre for Studies in Sport and Exercise Science)
  • Parts of it have previously been published in Swedish in a Swedish yearbook: Idrott, Historia & Samhälle (lit. Sports/Athletics
  • 2007
Tidshistoriska undersökningar I. Den Lingska gymnastiken i dess
  • Journal of Manual & Manipulative Therapy
  • 2007
Branting Georgii or Dally? Who was the Real Father of Kinesiology?
  • Proceedings & Newsletter/North American Society for Sports History
  • 2005