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The First Century of Air Conditioning

  title={The First Century of Air Conditioning},
  author={John E. Janssen},
About the Author John E. Janssen chaired Standards Project Committee (SPC) 62, which developed ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 62–1989, Ventilation for Acceptable Indoor Air Qualtiy and also served on the SPC that wrote Standard 62–1981. Until his retirement, he was a principal research fellow at Honeywell. Janssen has authored several Journal articles, including “The V in ASHRAE, An Historical Perspective” as part of ASHRAE’s Centennial series. W 

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Ventilation for acceptable indoor air quality
About the author John E. Janssen, Member ASHRAE, has served as chairman of SPC 62-1981R since 1983 when an early review of Standard 62-1981 was started. He also served as vice chairman of SPC 62-73R,
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