The Fifth Year of Agricola's Campaigns

  title={The Fifth Year of Agricola's Campaigns},
  author={Nicholas Reed},
  pages={143 - 148}
Up to one hundred years ago no difficulty was felt in the translation of this passage: thus Church and Brodribb translated the first part of it as: ‘In the fifth year of the war Agricola, himself in the leading ship, crossed the Clota, and subdued in a series of victories tribes hitherto unknown.’ But in their edition of the following year they found some difficulty in nave prima, and in this were followed by Furneaux; both editions still found no difficulty in supposing the Clyde to be the… 

Philology on Tacitus's Graupian Hill and Trucculan Harbour

'Mons Graupius' is not linked with Welsh 'crwb' ('hump'), which is a loan from English, but may relate to Welsh 'crib' ('ridge'). The history of the forms eliminates identification of Mons Graupius