The Field of the Reals and the Random Graph are not Finite-Word Ordinal-Automatic

  title={The Field of the Reals and the Random Graph are not Finite-Word Ordinal-Automatic},
  author={Alexander Kartzow},
Recently, Schlicht and Stephan lifted the notion of automatic-structures to the notion of (finite-word) ordinal-automatic structures. These are structures whose domain and relations can be represented by automata reading finite words whose shape is some fixed ordinal $\alpha$. We lift Delhomm\'e's relative-growth-technique from the automatic and tree-automatic setting to the ordinal-automatic setting. This result implies that the random graph is not ordinal-automatic and infinite integral… Expand
Algorithmic Solutions via Model Theoretic Interpretations
Model theoretic interpretations are an important tool in algorithmic model theory. Their applications range from reductions between logical theories to the construction of algorithms for problems,Expand
Technical Report Column
Simultaneous Approximation of Constraint Satisfaction Problems, Amey Bhangale, Swastik Kopparty, Sushant Sachdeva, TR14-098. The Complexity of DNF of Parities, Gil Cohen, Igor Shinkar, TR14-099. TheExpand


Structures without Scattered-Automatic Presentation
This paper proves the following limitations on the class of \(\mathfrak{L}\)-automatic structures for a fixed \(\ mathfrak {L}\) of finite condensation rank 1 + α. Expand
The Rank of Tree-Automatic Linear Orderings
It is proved that the FC-rank of every tree-automatic linear ordering is below omega^omega, and an analogue for tree- automatic linear orderings where the branching complexity of the trees involved is bounded is shown. Expand
A hierarchy of tree-automatic structures
It is obtained that there exist infinitely many ωn- automatic, hence also ω-tree-automatic, atomless boolean algebras, which are pairwise isomorphic under the continuum hypothesis CH and pairwise non isomorph under an alternate axiom AT, strengthening a result of [14]. Expand
Pumping for ordinal-automatic structures
A pumping lemma for alpha-automata (processing finite alpha-words, i.e., words of length alpha that have one fixed letter at all but finitely many positions) is developed and a sharp bound on the height of the finite word alpha-automatic well-founded order forests is provided. Expand
Model-theoretic complexity of automatic structures
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Automata on ordinals and automaticity of linear orders
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Tree-Automatic Well-Founded Trees
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Transfinite Automata Recursions and Weak Second Order Theory of Ordinals
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Automatic structures: richness and limitations
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