The Field behind the Screen: Using Netnography for Marketing Research in Online Communities

  title={The Field behind the Screen: Using Netnography for Marketing Research in Online Communities},
  author={Robert V. Kozinets},
  journal={Journal of Marketing Research},
  pages={61 - 72}
  • R. Kozinets
  • Published 1 February 2002
  • Psychology
  • Journal of Marketing Research
The author develops “netnography” as an online marketing research technique for providing consumer insight. Netnography is ethnography adapted to the study of online communities. As a method, netnography is faster, simpler, and less expensive than traditional ethnography and more naturalistic and unobtrusive than focus groups or interviews. It provides information on the symbolism, meanings, and consumption patterns of online consumer groups. The author provides guidelines that acknowledge the… Expand
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