The Feminist Writer as Heroine in Harriet the Spy

  title={The Feminist Writer as Heroine in Harriet the Spy},
  author={Lissa Paul},
  journal={The Lion and the Unicorn},
  pages={67 - 73}
  • Lissa Paul
  • Published 1989
  • Art
  • The Lion and the Unicorn
1989 marks the twenty-fifth anniversary of Harriet the Spy. That would make Harriet thirty-six. Never mind. In the story she is forever eleven. The astonishing thing is that the book shows few signs of becoming dated. Although Harriet's parents don't exactly look like "baby boomers," Harriet herself still looks very much a "yuppie puppy." In my undergraduate children's literature classes, students are often surprised to find that the story is older than they are. But the book is always a winner… 
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