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The Feminist Memoir Project: Voices from Women's Liberation

  title={The Feminist Memoir Project: Voices from Women's Liberation},
  author={Rachel Blau Duplessis and Ann Barr Snitow},
"The Feminist Memoir Project has put back in the historical record dozens of urgent voices that were on the verge of being lost forever. What a fascinating, vital-and vitally important book."-Katha Pollitt The women of The Feminist Memoir Project give voice to the spirit, the drive, and the claims of the Women's Liberation Movement they helped shape, beginning in the late 1960s. These thirty-two writers were among the thousands to jump-start feminism in the late twentieth century. Here, in… 
Feminism and its ghosts
This article contends that feminism is haunted by its past, and that to be haunted means that feminists need to bear witness to the possibilities, often unrealized, of that past and to actively
The Sisterhood: Black Women, Black Feminism, And The Women's Liberation Movement
This dissertation, “The Sisterhood: Black Women, Black Feminism, and the Women’s Liberation Movement” traces the development of second-wave Black feminism as an intellectual and activist tradition in
Weaving a Tapestry, Compassionately: Toward an Understanding of Young Women’s Feminisms
The article challenges representations of so-called third-wave feminist politics that have over-simplified the complex, multifaceted nature of young women’s feminism, and that, by relying upon
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Every author who writes about the history of feminism laments the historical amnesia that separates each new generation of activists from those who have gone before. Because the tradition of thinking
Feminism, Miss America, and Media Mythology
When Joanna, the central protagonist in The Stepford Wives, utters these words in a conversation with her best friend, she is discussing the formation of a feminist consciousness-raising group. Both
Narratives and Memories of Feminism
This chapter considers how the familiar language of waves and generations has been deployed in dominant retellings of Western feminist histories, and the critical work that has sought to challenge
Contingency Plans for the Feminist Revolution
ABSTRACT: Hope for another movement, a third wave of feminism, inspires fresh debates about the second wave women’s movement, particularly the youthful women’s liberation movement (WLM). The
From Vogue to the Virgin Mary: Marina Warner and Constructions of Female Agency in 1970s Feminism
In the two decades since Marina Warner gave the 1994 Reith Lectures, the flagship lecture series of BBC Radio, she has become increasingly visible as a public intellectual, both for her scholarship
The Consciousness-Raising Document, Feminist Anthologies, and Black Women in Sisterhood Is Powerful
When Secretary of State Henry Kissinger met with television executives in 1973, the New York Times described it as a "curious 'consciousness-raising' session." That same week, Kathie Sarachild,
The Cyborg Mystique: The Stepford Wives and Second Wave Feminism
Ryan forbes's IQ75 suburban Gothic film The Stepford ' Wives has been almost uniformly neglected in film criticism of the last two decades.1 Recent genre studies of horror and science fiction ignore