The Federal Government.

  title={The Federal Government.},
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Federal Employment: Overview Many Swarthmore graduates have found the public sector to offer rewarding careers in which they can help transform society, make a difference in the lives of others, find intellectual stimulation, and gain career advancement. Working for the federal government provides the unique opportunity for Swatties to work on social problems while both earning a living in a professional career. The federal government has a strong need for applicants who can fill " mission… Expand
The Political Economy of the Indian Fiscal Federation
This paper performs three empirical exercises to determine the patterns and properties of fiscal flows and mechanisms in the Indian federation as they affect subnational state governments, who carryExpand
Accountability and Capacity in Developing Country Federalism: Empowered states, Competitive Federalism
Abstract State extraction depends in part on the degree and type of accountability to citizens. Accountability relationships are especially complex in federal systems, where multiple and overlappingExpand
Informal Institutions, Protest, and Change in Gendered Federal Systems
Federalism seems to play a widely varying role in maintaining or undermining gender hierarchies around the world. In 1869, for example, federalism allowed Wyoming—a new state in the United States—toExpand
Going Federalism! A Reality or an Option?: Redefining Kenya
Countries exist to meet the expectations of its constituents in both economic and political terms. For multinational states such as Kenya, attaining this is a very big challenge knowing the historyExpand
The United Kingdom Becomes the Untied Kingdom? Is Federalism Imminent, or Even Possible?
Many Americans,1 whether political scientists or not, consider federalism a natural manner in which to organise political life. This often-unquestioned belief is based on a political ideology thatExpand
Fiscal federalism appears to have generated more political conflicts than any other question in the recent political economy of Nigeria. The deep sense of injustice evoked by the centralization ofExpand
Developments in Indian Federalism: 2005–2007
Abstract The subject matter of this paper, in general, is federalism in India. Three recent instances of the impact of Article 356—the ‘Emergency Provisions’—are analyzed to study two questions. HowExpand
Interrogating the Revenue Allocation in Intergovernmental Relations, Fiscal Federalism and Local Government Finance in Nigeria
This study examined the relationship between fiscal federalism, governance and local government finances in Nigeria, focusing on the administration of local governments and other subsidiary issues onExpand
Citizenship, Federalism and Powersharing: Nigeria's Federal Character and the Challenges of Institutional Design
Abstract If, as a number of recent proponents have argued, ‘pluri-national’ federalism holds great promise as a means of democratization and conflict resolution in deeply divided societies, why hasExpand
The Intergovernmental Politics of Internet Sales Taxation in the United States
This article examines the moratorium on Internet sales taxation in the U.S. through perspectives of federalism and intergovernmental relations. First, it provides a brief overview of the literatureExpand