The Fauna of Madagascar

  title={The Fauna of Madagascar},
  author={F. Beddard},
MADAGASCAR, with certain adjacent islands, has been regarded by some naturalists as forming a distinct “region,” the Malagasy, equivalent to the other main regions of the world. On the other hand, Messrs. P. L. and W. L. Sclater (“The Geography of Mammals,” London, 1899, p. 108) adhere to the earlier opinion of the first-named of the two authors, as well as of many subsequent writers, and place Madagascar in a subregion only of the Ethiopian region. They remark that “Madagascar appears to… Expand
A description of Paractenopsyllus madagascarensis sp. n. and the female of Paractenopsyllus raxworthyi Duchemin & Ratovonjato, 2004 (Siphonaptera, Leptopsyllidae) from Madagascar with a key to the species of Paractenopsyllus.
An alcohol collection of 990 fl eas from Madagascar (2003-2005) was deposited in the Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago, and recently made available for study. Among the material were two newExpand