The Fault-Current-Based Protection Scheme and Location Algorithm for Stator Ground Fault of a Large Generator

  title={The Fault-Current-Based Protection Scheme and Location Algorithm for Stator Ground Fault of a Large Generator},
  author={Yuxue Wang and X. Yin and Z. Zhang},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Energy Conversion},
  • Yuxue Wang, X. Yin, Z. Zhang
  • Published 2013
  • Engineering
  • IEEE Transactions on Energy Conversion
  • This paper presents a stator ground protection scheme based on the fault current flowing in the breakdown channel. It trips only if the fault current exceeds the fault current tolerance capacity of the generator. Otherwise, it will just emit alarm signals. Thereby, the unnecessary trip-out of large generator can be avoided. The stability of the power system and the generator security can then be ensured. To achieve the scheme, methods of calculating the fault current in real time are proposed… CONTINUE READING
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