The Fatwas and the Nusayri/Alawis of Syria

  title={The Fatwas and the Nusayri/Alawis of Syria},
  author={Yvette Talhamy},
  journal={Middle Eastern Studies},
  pages={175 - 194}
  • Yvette Talhamy
  • Published 2010
  • Sociology
  • Middle Eastern Studies
  • From the time that the Nusayris/Alawis first appeared, several fatwas were issued with regard to them. There were five fatwas prior to the twentieth century which were issued by Sunni scholars. Some of these fatwas were specifically against the Nusayris/Alawis while others were against all the extreme Shi'ite creeds including the Nusayris. The first three fatwas were issued during the fourteenth century, during the period of Mamluk rule. They were issued by Shaykh al-Islam Taqi al-Din ibn… CONTINUE READING
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