The Fall of Parnell: Hugh Price Hughes and the Nonconformist Conscience

  title={The Fall of Parnell: Hugh Price Hughes and the Nonconformist Conscience},
  author={Christopher Oldstone-Moore},
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John Howard Shakespeare and the English Baptists, 1898-1924

The Rev. John Howard Shakespeare was General Secretary of the Baptist Union of Great Britain and Ireland from 1898 until his resignation on the grounds of ill health in 1924. This thesis describes

Select Bibliography of Writings on Irish Economic and Social History: Published in 1996

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English and Welsh Baptists in the nineteen thirties : a study of political, social and religious crisis

This thesis sets out to examine the Baptist denomination in Britain during the 1930s. Its contention is that by this stage of their history Baptists were confused both about their denominational



Parnell's fall and the nonconformist conscience

The fall of Charles Stewart Parnell as a result of the O'Shea divorce case in late 1890 is a dramatic episode of lasting human interest and an event of the first importance in the history of Ireland

Prostitution and Victorian Social Reform

Preface 1. Introduction 2. Regulating Prostitution 3. The Attack on the Acts Launched 4. Defeat and Regrouping 5. The Repeal Campaign in Action - Organisation and Methods 6. The Role of Women in the

The life of William Ewart Gladstone

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