The Fairest of Them All

  title={The Fairest of Them All},
  author={Jos{\'e} Antonio Mu{\~n}oz-Reyes and Miguel Pita and Mar{\'i}a Arjona and Santiago S{\'a}nchez-Pag{\'e}s and Enrique Turi{\'e}gano},
Cooperation and competition in intercultural interactions
Consumers’ Perception on Fairness Creams in India
The rise in consumerism and the changing life style of Indian youth have led to strong demand for fairness creams in India. Consumers are redefining their lifestyle pattern with adoption of western
Purchasing protection: outdoor companies and the authentication of technology use in nature-based tourism
Abstract Different views exist within the outdoor industry regarding the appropriateness of technology use in nature-based tourism. However, there is a lack of attention to outdoor companies’ views
The Political Economy of Food
Any analysis of food systems needs to include power as an aspect of political economy, in order to understand how power relations develop over time and how they affect different food system
Use of skin whitening products in Sri Lanka: an observational study
Use of skin whitening products is associated with adverse effects such as acne, skin atrophy, hypertrichosis and telangiectasia that have some resemblance to steroid-induced skin changes and the promotion and sale of these products should be regulated more strictly by the relevant authorities.
Extending ethical consumerism theory to semi-legal sectors: insights from recreational cannabis
Ethical consumerism theory aims to describe, explain, and evaluate the ways in which producers and consumers use the market to support social and environmental values. The literature draws insights
A consideration of the art fair as curatorial platform
This thesis documents the introduction and impact of the curatorial role into contemporary art fairs. Set within a time-line of contemporary art fair evolution from 1967 until the present day, I
Discrimination and modern Paganism: a study of religion and contemporary social climate
This work investigates attitudes of religious discrimination against Paganism and how the faith is lived as a culture. It closely examines how discriminatory attitudes against Paganism are translated
"Doing it the right way" a qualitative study of the development of corporate social responsibility among U.S. Fortune 500 global companies
This qualitative, phenomenological study provides a detailed look at corporate social responsibility (CSR) among selected U.S. Fortune 500 global corporations that show evidence of advanced stages of