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The Factors Affecting Cross-border E-commerce Development of SMEs - An Empirical Study

  title={The Factors Affecting Cross-border E-commerce Development of SMEs - An Empirical Study},
  author={Jianzheng Yang and Nachuan Yang and Lifan Yang},
Recently, there are two mainly methods for SMEs operating cross-border e-commerce in China. One is online store of firms via the cross-border third party platform. The other is the online store of firms built by themselves for export markets expansion. Based on the analysis of cross-border e-commerce process, we explore four factors which may affect the mode selection of cross-border e-commerce of SMEs, namely E-marketing, electronic payment, electronic customs and international logistics. For… Expand
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The Study on Electronic Commerce and Development of International Logistics
  • Zhongquan Zou
  • Business, Computer Science
  • 2008 International Symposium on Electronic Commerce and Security
  • 2008
In the e-commerce environment, learn from the developed countries, advanced logistics experience, methods and policies may be used to promote the international logistics, including the implementation of core strategies and conditions strategies of international logistics enterprises. Expand