The FaceBase Consortium: a comprehensive resource for craniofacial researchers

  title={The FaceBase Consortium: a comprehensive resource for craniofacial researchers},
  author={James F. Brinkley and Shannon J. Fisher and Matthew P Harris and Greg Holmes and Joan E. Hooper and Ethylin Wang Jabs and Kenneth L. Jones and Carl Kesselman and Ophir D Klein and Richard L. Maas and Mary L. Marazita and Licia Selleri and Richard A. Spritz and Harm van Bakel and Axel Visel and Trevor Williams and Joanna Wysocka and Yang Chai},
The FaceBase Consortium, funded by the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, National Institutes of Health, is designed to accelerate understanding of craniofacial developmental biology by generating comprehensive data resources to empower the research community, exploring high-throughput technology, fostering new scientific collaborations among researchers and human/computer interactions, facilitating hypothesis-driven research and translating science into improved health… CONTINUE READING