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The FUSE Survey of OVI Absorption in the Galactic Disk

  title={The FUSE Survey of OVI Absorption in the Galactic Disk},
  author={David V. Bowen and Edward B. Jenkins and Todd M. Tripp and Kenneth Russell Sembach and Bologna Univ. and University of Massachusetts and Amherst and Stsci and University of Wisconsin},
  journal={arXiv: Astrophysics},
We outline the results from a FUSE Team program designed to characterize OVI absorption in the disk of the Milky Way. We find that OVI absorption occurs throughout most of the Galactic plane, at least out to several kpc from the Sun, and that it is distributed smoothly enough for the column density to decline with height above the disk and with distance in the plane. However, the OVI absorbing gas is clumpy, and moves at peculiar velocities relative to that expected from Galactic rotation. We… Expand
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