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The FGF 7 and Noggin Genes are Key Targets to Treat Hair

  title={The FGF 7 and Noggin Genes are Key Targets to Treat Hair},
  author={Esther Belser and Fred Z{\"u}lli}
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Short communication: Clinical evaluation of pea sprout extract in the treatment of hair loss

It is shown that the application of a fluid containing 2% pea sprout extract on a defined scalp zone of 10 volunteers enhances the expression of defined genes relevant for hair, namely fibroblast growth factor‐7 (FGF7) and noggin, by 56 and 85%, respectively.



Diffuse hair loss: Its triggers and management

Diffuse hair loss can affect both sexes at any age and requires a thorough history and examination to find the cause and enable appropriate treatment.

Cyclic dermal BMP signalling regulates stem cell activation during hair regeneration

Results show that BMPs may be the long-sought ‘chalone’ inhibitors of hair growth postulated by classical experiments, and provide an example of hierarchical regulation of local organ stem cell homeostasis by the inter-organ macroenvironment.