The Eyes of the World Are Watching Now: The Political Effectiveness of “Biko” by Peter Gabriel

  title={The Eyes of the World Are Watching Now: The Political Effectiveness of “Biko” by Peter Gabriel},
  author={M. Drewett},
  journal={Popular Music and Society},
  pages={39 - 51}
  • M. Drewett
  • Published 1 February 2007
  • Sociology
  • Popular Music and Society
This paper explores various readings of “Biko” by Peter Gabriel in an attempt to understand the extraordinary political impact of the song. The song did more than simply act as a vehicle for reflecting Gabriel's thoughts and feelings: it brought about awareness and also challenged and ultimately changed people's lives. It is argued that “Biko” by Peter Gabriel is not simply a political rally song with an ability to facilitate “collective identity formation” (Eyerman and Jamison) but a protest… Expand
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