The Eyes of History Are Upon You: Toward a Theory of Intellectual Reconstruction for Higher Education in a Post-Truth Era

  title={The Eyes of History Are Upon You: Toward a Theory of Intellectual Reconstruction for Higher Education in a Post-Truth Era},
  author={Z. W. Taylor and Z.W. Richard J. Reddick},
  journal={The Review of Higher Education},
  pages={167 - 188}
Abstract:"The Eyes of Texas," the official song of The University of Texas at Austin (UT), was written during the Jim Crow era, was first performed at a 1903 minstrel show, and was inspired by Robert E. Lee. This legacy and the enduring institutional racism at UT bring into question the purpose and propriety of the song in a post-truth era, where observable and documented facts may not be as influential in shaping public sentiment than subjective perceptions. This conceptual essay urges… Expand

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