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The Explanatory Power of Design DNA and the Origin of Information

  title={The Explanatory Power of Design DNA and the Origin of Information},
  author={S. Meyer},
El debate epistemológico en torno a la teoría del diseño inteligente: la intervención de Stephen Meyer
Received: 05/09/2012 ° Accepted: 28/11/2013 The theory of intelligent design had a controversial genesis, which has actively influenced the work of its significant authors. In this debate,Expand
Whewell\'s Wager: The Continuing Dialogue of Metaphysics and Physics in Science
In his library at Trinity College, Cambridge University, around the year I860, William Whewell (1794-1866) engages in conversation with a company of thinkers on the province of metaphysics andExpand
Evidence for Evolution Versus Evidence for Intelligent Design: Parallel Confusions
This clarification provides a strong criterion for showing the inability of an ID theory to be of utility in the ongoing process of acquiring causal understanding, that is the hallmark of science. Expand