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The Experiments. of LIPS I11

  title={The Experiments. of LIPS I11},
  author={J. G. Severns and Robin M. Hobbs and Nigel Elliott and R. H. Towsley and Gary F. Virshup},
  • J. G. Severns, Robin M. Hobbs, +2 authors Gary F. Virshup
  • Published 1987
  • Engineering
  • LIPS I11 is a member of the "Living Plume Shield" series of spacecraft. In each LIPS project the plume shield, a simple sheet metal cone, was structurally stiffened, and an active satellite was then built around it. The original purpose of the plume shield was to prevent the plume from solid propellent engines, which are fired outside the atmosphere after the aerodynamic shroud is jettisoned, from reaching the primary payload. The surface of LIPS I11 facing the plume also functioned in this… CONTINUE READING

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