The Experimental Economics of Religion

  title={The Experimental Economics of Religion},
  author={R. Hoffmann},
  journal={ERN: Other Econometrics: Mathematical Methods \& Programming (Topic)},
  • R. Hoffmann
  • Published 2013
  • ERN: Other Econometrics: Mathematical Methods & Programming (Topic)
This paper surveys the experimental economics approach to the study of religion. The field has a place in the context of the scientific study of religion generally and the social psychology of religion in particular, but employs distinct economic methods which promise new and different insights. In particular, certain features of the experimental approach as used by economists such as incentive compatibility are particularly appropriate for studying the effect of religion on individual… Expand
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The role of religion in human cooperation remains a highly contested topic. Recent studies using economic game experiments to explore this issue have been largely inconclusive, yielding a range ofExpand
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