The Experience of Sexual Assault

  title={The Experience of Sexual Assault},
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A statewide assessment was conducted of assaults, experiences, needs, and recommendations of 125 adult victims receiving care at 19 sexual assault centers (SACs) in the State of Maryland. More than one half of the victims (55.6%) waited years before disclosing, with delays in reporting especially likely if the assault was perpetrated by a family member (the most frequent perpetrators at 42.4% of respondents). About one half of the victims (51.3%) had been previously sexually assaulted, yet only… 

Client Satisfaction With Nursing-led Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Services in Ontario

The high uptake and positive evaluation of services provided by Ontario’s Sexual Assault/Domestic Violence Treatment Centre programs confirms the value of nursing-led, hospital-based care in the aftermath of sexual assault and domestic violence.

Police Officer Schema of Sexual Assault Reports

Police officer understanding of the definition of sexual assault and characteristics that influence their perceptions and response are explored, suggesting that officers employ distinct schema of reported sexual assaults.

Responding to Delayed Disclosure of Sexual Assault in Health Settings: A Systematic Review

A systematic literature review of health-care providers’ responses to delayed disclosure by adolescent and adult female sexual assault survivors found recommendations on how to create an environment conducive to disclosing and support disclosure in their practice.

The relationship between victim attitudes, training, and behaviors of sexual assault investigators

Abstract Literature on procedural justice suggests crime victims respond to the quality of treatment received by the police. Investigators who utilize interview techniques that align with tenets of

Sexual Assault Training of Law Enforcement Officers

Abstract The importance of proper response to victims of sexual abuse or assault has been well documented. However, despite their prominence as responders, little research has been conducted on

Survivors’ Advice to Service Providers: How to Best Serve Survivors of Sexual Assault

ABSTRACT Recognizing the relatively low rate at which sexual assault survivors seek services, researchers in the last decade have turned their attention to better understanding survivors’ experiences

What factors predict women's disclosure of sexual assault to mental health professionals?

Although many sexual assault survivors seek support from mental health sources for adverse psychological symptoms due to sexual assault, many do not. A diverse sample of adult sexual assault

Characteristics of Sexual Assault and Disclosure Among Women in Substance Abuse Recovery Homes

Examining the Oxford House model for women in recovery from substance use who have experienced sexual assault suggested that many women used Oxford House as a setting in which to disclosure prior sexual assault, and results indicated that women who disclosed their assault experience reported higher self-esteem and social support than women who had not disclosed.



Lifetime sexual assault prevalence rates and reporting practices in an emergency department population.

Lifetime female SA rates in ED populations are significant, and women assaulted by a partner are significantly less likely to report the SA to police or seek medical care.

Rape is a major public health issue.

Sexual violence as a major public health issue is discussed as health care professionals should receive training on risk factors indicators prevalence and sequelae of violence including how to take a violence history.

Rape and sexual assault

Most of the literature on rape and sexual assault is retrospective, but this work aims to provide an evidence based review of their management.

Women's vulnerability to sexual assault from adolescence to young adulthood.

  • J. A. HumphreyJ. W. White
  • Psychology
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Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) Programs

Two recently established SANE programs are studied in depth to reveal how rape crisis centers in different communities created these services.

Psychosocial sequelae of violent victimization in a national youth sample.

The findings suggest that substantial mental health morbidity in the general child and adolescent population is associated with victimization, and sexual assault was associated with particularly high levels of symptomatology.

Clinical characteristics of women with a history of childhood abuse: unhealed wounds.

Children abused only as children did not differ from women who reported current, but not childhood, abuse in number of physical symptoms, emotional distress, substance abuse, or suicide attempts, and patients who reported both childhood and adult abuse had higher levels of psychological problems and physical symptoms.

Predictors of post-rape medical care in a national sample of women.