The Expansion of the Commonwealth and the Criteria for Membership

  title={The Expansion of the Commonwealth and the Criteria for Membership},
  author={W. David McIntyre 1},
  journal={The Round Table},
  pages={273 - 285}
Abstract Have they opened the floodgates? This question was being asked after the Kampala CHOGM agreed to receive applications for membership of the Commonwealth from countries that had never been British colonies. After more than a decade of uncertainty about this issue — ever since Mozambique joined in 1995 as an exceptional case — Heads of Government at Kampala approved the Report of the Committee on Commonwealth Membership finally agreeing to entertain further such applications and… 
The Republic of Cyprus and the Commonwealth in the 1960s
ABSTRACT Britain and other Commonwealth countries were reluctant to grant Cyprus full membership of the Commonwealth, but eventually conceded to accept full membership. There was also strong
Rwanda and the question of Commonwealth relevance
  • L. Johnstone
  • Political Science
    Commonwealth & Comparative Politics
  • 2019
ABSTRACT Rwanda’s accession to the Commonwealth is often cited as a reason for the organisation’s continued relevance. And yet, in spite of this positioning as poster child for a more cosmopolitan
Are wikipedia citations important evidence of the impact of scholarly articles and books?
The results show that citations from Wikipedia to articles are too rare for most research evaluation purposes, with only 5% of articles being cited in all fields, and so Wikipedia is not recommended for evaluations affecting stakeholder interests.


Criteria for commonwealth membership
After the admission last November of Mozambique to the Commonwealth, an Inter‐Governmental Group was set up to consider the criteria for future applications for membership. The first attempt to
'A formula may have to be found': Ireland, India, and the headship of the Commonwealth
During 50th anniversary commemorations of the 1949 Declaration that had facilitated the Republic of India's continued membership of the Commonwealth, only The Round Table recalled other events of
Breaking the Bad News: Plans for the Announcement to the Empire of the Death of Elizabeth II and the Proclamation of Her Successor, 1952–67
This article uses recently released official papers to examine British planning for the announcement of the death of Elizabeth II to the Empire/Commonwealth, and for the involvement of Commonwealth
The Monarchy and the Constitution
In the increasingly questioning world of the 1990s, the role of the monarchy in a democracy is again coming under scrutiny. Its critics argue that the monarchy is a profoundly conservative
England's mission;: The imperial idea in the age of Gladstone and Disraeli, 1868-1880
When the German edition of Steiner's masterful analysis of Switzerland's political system was first published in 1970 as Gewaltlose Politik und kulturelle Vielfalt, it was greeted by the American
Breaking bad news.
  • P. Taft
  • Medicine, Psychology
    Nursing standard (Royal College of Nursing (Great Britain) : 1987)
  • 2009
"Bad news" has been defined as any information which adversely and seriously affects an individual's view of his or her future; whether news is bad or not can only be in the eye of the beholder.