The Existence of Bogomolny Decompositions for Gauged $O(3)$ Nonlinear "sigma" Model and for Gauged Baby Skyrme Models

  title={The Existence of Bogomolny Decompositions for Gauged \$O(3)\$ Nonlinear "sigma" Model and for Gauged Baby Skyrme Models},
  author={Ł. T. Stȩpień},
  journal={Acta Physica Polonica B},
The Bogomolny decompositions (Bogomolny equations) for the gauged baby Skyrme models: restricted and full one, in (2+0)-dimensions, are derived, for some general classes of the potentials. The conditions, which must be satisfied by the potentials, for each of these mentioned models, are also derived. 
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On Bogomolny Decompositions for the Baby Skyrme Models” in: Geometric Methods in Physics
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On Bogomolny Decomposition for Gauged Restricted Baby Skyrme Model
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