The Exact Superconformal R-symmetry Minimizes τ RR

  title={The Exact Superconformal R-symmetry Minimizes τ RR},
  author={Edwin Barnes and Elie Gorbatov and Ken Intriligator and Matt Sudano and Jason Wright},
We present a new, general constraint which, in principle, determines the superconformal U(1)R symmetry of 4d N = 1 SCFTs, and also 3d N = 2 SCFTs. Among all possibilities, the superconformal U(1)R is that which minimizes the coefficient, τRR, of its two-point function. Equivalently, the superconformal U(1)R is the unique one with vanishing two-point function with every non-R flavor symmetry. For 4d N = 1 SCFTs, τRR minimization gives an alternative to a-maximization. τRR minimization also… CONTINUE READING