The Evolving Landscape of the Columbia River Gorge: Lewis and Clark and Cataclysms on the Columbia

  title={The Evolving Landscape of the Columbia River Gorge: Lewis and Clark and Cataclysms on the Columbia},
  author={Jim E. O’Connor},
  journal={Oregon Historical Quarterly},
  • J. O’Connor
  • Published 22 September 2004
  • Geology
  • Oregon Historical Quarterly

Floodplain Wetland Channel Planform, Cross‐Sectional Morphology, and Sediment Characteristics Along an Estuarine to Tidal River Gradient

The formation of wetland channel networks on coastal river floodplains is affected by spatial transitions in tidal‐fluvial processes. This study evaluated sedimentation patterns in tidal marshes on

Age of the late Holocene Bonneville landslide and submerged forest of the Columbia River Gorge, Oregon and Washington, USA, by radiocarbon dating

Abstract The late Holocene Bonneville landslide, a 15.5 km2 rockslide-debris avalanche, descended 1000 m from the north side of the Columbia River Gorge and dammed the Columbia River where it bisects

Arc versus river—The geology of the Columbia River Gorge

  • J. O’ConnorR. Wells R. C. Evarts
  • Geology
    From Terranes to Terrains: Geologic Field Guides on the Construction and Destruction of the Pacific Northwest
  • 2021
The Columbia River Gorge is the Columbia River’s long-held yet evolving passage through the volcanic arc of the Cascade Range. The globally unique setting of a continental-scale river bisecting an

Outburst Floods

Human Impact Effects on Târnava River Basin Aquatic Biodiversity (Transylvania, Romania)

Today the following categories of human impact are present in the Tarnava Watershed: hydrotechnical works, insufficiently treated/cleaned sewage, river substratum mineral

James Dwight Dana and John Strong Newberry in the US Pacific Northwest: The Roots of American Fluvialism

Recognition of the power of rivers to carve landscapes transformed geology and geomorphology in the late nineteenth century. Wide acceptance of this concept—then known as “fluvialism”—owes to many


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Geoarchaeology and Miscellaneous Reports: Cathlapotle and Meier Archaeological Sites, Lower Columbia River

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