The Evolutionary Status of Early-type Galaxies in Abell 2390

  title={The Evolutionary Status of Early-type Galaxies in Abell 2390},
  author={Alexander Fritz and B. Ziegler and Richard G. Bower and I. R. Smail and Roger L Davies},
  journal={Astrophysics and Space Science},
We explore the evolution of the early-type galaxy population in the rich cluster Abell 2390 at z=0.23. For this purpose, we have obtained spectroscopic data of 51 elliptical and lenticular galaxies with MOSCA at the 3.5 m telescope on Calar Alto Observatory. As our investigation spans both a broad range in luminosity (–22.3≤MB≤–:19.3)and a wide field of view (10′×10′), the environmental dependence of different formation scenarios can be analysed in detail as a function of radius from the… 
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