The Evolutionary Map of the Universe pilot survey

  title={The Evolutionary Map of the Universe pilot survey},
  author={Ray P. Norris and Joshua Marvil and Jordan D Collier and Anna D. Kapińska and Andrew O’Brien and Lawrence Rudnick and Heinz Andernach and Jacobo Asorey and Michael J. I. Brown and Marcus Br{\"u}ggen and Evan J. Crawford and Jayanne English and Syed Faisal ur Rahman and Miroslav D. Filipovi{\'c} and Yjan A. Gordon and G{\"u}l G{\"u}rkan and Catherine Hale and Andrew M. Hopkins and M T Huynh and Kim HyeongHan and M. James Jee and B S Koribalski and Emil Lenc and Kieran J. Luken and David Parkinson and Isabella Prandoni and Wasim Raja and Thomas. H. Reiprich and Christopher J Riseley and Stanislav S Shabala and Jaimie R. Sheil and T Vernstrom and M. T. Whiting and James R Allison and C. S. Anderson and Lewis Ball and Martin E. Bell and John D. Bunton and T J Galvin and Neeraj Gupta and Aidan Hotan and Colin E. Jacka and Peter J. Macgregor and Elizabeth K. Mahony and Umberto De Maio and Vanessa A. Moss and Mamta Pandey-Pommier and Maxim A. Voronkov},
  journal={Publications of the Astronomical Society of Australia},
Abstract We present the data and initial results from the first pilot survey of the Evolutionary Map of the Universe (EMU), observed at 944 MHz with the Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder (ASKAP) telescope. The survey covers $270 \,\mathrm{deg}^2$ of an area covered by the Dark Energy Survey, reaching a depth of 25–30 $\mu\mathrm{Jy\ beam}^{-1}$ rms at a spatial resolution of $\sim$ 11–18 arcsec, resulting in a catalogue of $\sim$ 220 000 sources, of which $\sim$ 180 000 are… Expand


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