The Evolution of Story: How Time and Modality Affect Visual and Verbal Narratives

  title={The Evolution of Story: How Time and Modality Affect Visual and Verbal Narratives},
  author={T. J. Thomson},
  journal={Visual Communication Quarterly},
  pages={199 - 210}
  • T. Thomson
  • Published 2 October 2018
  • Art
  • Visual Communication Quarterly
A majority of Americans distrust the news media due to concerns over comprehensiveness, accuracy, and fairness. Since many interactions between journalists and their subjects last only minutes and can be published within seconds, if not live, research is needed to explore how journalists' understandings of their subjects' narratives evolve over time and how much time is necessary to avoid surface-level coverage. Also, since people are now exposed to more image-based rather than text-based… 

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