The Evolution of Stellar Populations Discussion Session


We summarize the discussion section on “Evolution of Stellar Populations” we led on May 27, 2000 in Granada, Spain, as part of the Euroconference on The Evolution of Galaxies. IObservational Clues. The discussion was organized around two groups of topics. In the first, Population Synthesis, the accent was partially placed on the use of tools and techniques centered around the question of the unicity of the models, their sensitivity to input and the question of the age-metallicity degeneracy. In the second group, Stellar Systems a stronger accent was placed on astrophysical questions, although we included there the need for “truth tests” that apply spectral synthesis techniques to objects for which there is detailed a priori knowledge of their stellar populations. We also provide a partial comparison between the present knowledge of these topics and that which existed at the time of the Crete Conference

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