The Evolution of Mathematics in Ancient China: From the Newly Discovered Shu and Suan shu shu Bamboo Texts to the Nine Chapters on the Art of Mathematics

  title={The Evolution of Mathematics in Ancient China: From the Newly Discovered Shu and Suan shu shu Bamboo Texts to the Nine Chapters on the Art of Mathematics},
  author={Joseph Warren Dauben},
* © 2014 Joseph W. Dauben. Used with permission. † This article is based on a lecture presented in September of 2012 at the Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies at Harvard University, which was based on a lecture first given at National Taiwan Tsinghua University (Hsinchu, Taiwan) in the Spring of 2012. I am grateful to Thomas Lee of National Chiaotung University of Taiwan where I spent the academic year 2012 as Visiting Research Professor at Chiaota’s Institute for Humanities and Social… 
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Suan Shu Shu A Book on Numbers and Computations

In December and January of 1983–1984, archaeologists excavating the tomb of an ancient Chinese provincial bureaucrat at a Western Han Dynasty site near Zhangjiashan, in Jiangling county, Hubei

An Old Chinese Way of Finding the Volume of a Sphere

  • T. Kiang
  • Physics
    The Mathematical Gazette
  • 1972
On the reverse side of the Moon, just south of the Sea of Moscow, is a crater named Tsu Ch’ung-Chih. Who is Tsu Ch’ung-Chih? What did he do to be thus admitted to the honoured company of Maxwell and

What is at Stake in Mathematical Proofs from Third-Century China?

The Argument To highlight speculative trends specific to the mathematical tradition that developed in China, the paper analyzes an excerpt of a third-century commentary on a mathematical classic,

The Archimedes Codex: How a Medieval Prayer Book Is Revealing the True Genius of Antiquity's Greatest Scientist

T his is a fascinating account of the nearly unbelievable ups and downs of the ‘‘Archimedes Palimpsest,’’ a Byzantine codex containing, under the text of a prayer book, a small library of unique

Learning from Liu Hui ? A Different Way to Do Mathematics Christopher Cullen

C ould we have done mathematics differently? At a logical level this question is trivial: research mathematicians spend their time exploring all the ways one can “do it differently” and then doing

Jiu zhang suanshu(nine chapters on the mathematical art): An overview

L'A. commente l'histoire de l'arithmetique en Chine avec l'adoption d'un nouveau systeme numerique permettant le developpement des operations fondamentales a l'aide de fractions

On the volume of a sphere

1. Archimedes on the volume of a sphere It is well known that Archi edes found the volume of a sphere. If S is the volume of a sphere of radius a, then S = y Tia3, where tz/4 is a constant giving the

The Nine Chapters on the Mathematical Art Companion and Commentary

Introduction Liu Hui's Preface to his Running Commentary on the Nine Chapters 1. Field measurement 2. Millet and rice 3. Distribution by proportion 4. Short width 5. Construction consultations 6.