The Evil Eye of Apopis

  title={The Evil Eye of Apopis},
  author={J. F. Borghouts},
  journal={The Journal of Egyptian Archaeology},
  pages={114 - 150}
§ I. To the evil glance of the eye of Apopis' so far relatively little attention has been paid. Under the entry 'Apophis' or 'Boser Blick' in the Reallexikon of H. Bonnet, this aspect is nowhere mentioned.s There is, however, a valuable article by L. Kakosy dealing with a very condensed version of Chapter 108 of the Book of the Dead» found in a Budapest funerary papyrus which contains at least the main mythological facts of that chapter: how the sun-boat approached the Mountain of BlOw, how the… Expand

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Gardiner restores not 'hand', but 'testicles of Horus', so that an antithesis is formed to the blinding of the eye of Seth. This is followed by H. Te Velde, who (Seth, God of Confusion
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II--or rather infinitive ?). Thirdly, certain feminine words in the dual are sometimes treated as masculines, e.g. irt, 'eye', in Late Ramesside Letters, II, I and II, 3, as well as drt
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