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The Evaluative-Facilitative Debate in Mediation: Applying the Lens of Therapeutic Jurisprudence

  title={The Evaluative-Facilitative Debate in Mediation: Applying the Lens of Therapeutic Jurisprudence},
  author={Ellen A. Waldman},
  journal={Marquette Law Review},
  • E. Waldman
  • Published 1998
  • Psychology
  • Marquette Law Review
Divorcing Couples' Experience With Child Custody Mediation and Litigation
Divorcing Couples’ Experience With Child Custody Mediation and Litigation by Jessica Leonard Anderson MA, Walden University, 2013 BA, Liberty University, 2009 Dissertation Submitted in Partial
Employment dispute resolution: The case for mediation
Employment dispute resolution (EDR) addresses conflict arising out of a continuing or terminated employment relationship. Typical cases include complaints of discrimination under state and federal
Gender and Victims’ Expectations Regarding Their Role in the Criminal Justice System: Towards Victim-Centred Prosecutorial Policies
Therapeutic jurisprudence is an interdisciplinary approach to law that offers a rich way of looking at law and to study the extent to which legal rules, procedures or practice promote the
In the context of mediation, is safeguarding mediator neutrality and party autonomy more important than ensuring a fair settlement?
Purpose This paper aims to explore the appropriate role and approach of mediators and investigate whether mediator neutrality and party autonomy should prevail over mediators’ obligations to
L’influence thérapeutique de la perception de justice informationnelle et interpersonnelle sur les symptômes de stress post-traumatique des victimes de crimes
Following a crime, the need for information is important for victims. Police play an important role in the transmission of information to victims given that they are the first actors encountered by
Defining the doula's role: fostering relational autonomy
  • Sandra L Meadow
  • Psychology, Medicine
    Health expectations : an international journal of public participation in health care and health policy
  • 2015
Training organizations as well as academic and popular literature provide ambiguous or ethically contentious characterizations of the role of the birth doula, a non‐clinical role assisting women in
Construction mediation as a developmental process
This paper seeks to argue that mediation has been hitherto conceived in the construction industry, and indeed by practitioners in other related disciplines such as property management, as largely a
Expanding the Lawyer's Toolkit of Skills and Competencies: Synthesizing Leadership, Professionalism, Emotional Intelligence, Conflict Resolution, and Comprehensive Law
The legal profession is in the midst of rapid and dramatic change, fueled by longstanding dissatisfaction within and without the profession, and inflamed by the economic recession beginning around
Mediation in practice : Advantages and concerns
This paper seeks to argue that construction mediation has hitherto been viewed and evaluated in a relatively narrow fashion. It suggests that whilst there are numerous and well-known benefits to the
Nangkha Nangdrik in the Land of the Thunder Dragon: Psychology, Religion and the Potential of Mediation in the Kingdom of Bhutan
Abstract This article will consider the role that Alternative Dispute Resolution (‘Dham Kha Chen Ki Khendum’ or ‘Nangkha Nangdrik’) currently plays in resolving legal conflict in Bhutan. With a


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