The European Photon Imaging Camera on XMM-Newton: The MOS cameras : The MOS cameras

  title={The European Photon Imaging Camera on XMM-Newton: The MOS cameras : The MOS cameras},
  author={M. Turner and A. Abbey and M. Arnaud and E. al.},
  • M. Turner, A. Abbey, +1 author E. al.
  • Published 2000
  • Physics, Computer Science
  • The EPIC focal plane imaging spectrometers on XMM-Newton use CCDs to record the images and spectra of celestial X-ray sources focused by the three X-ray mirrors. There is one camera at the focus of each mirror; two of the cameras contain seven MOS CCDs, while the third uses twelve PN CCDs, dening a circular eld of view of 30 0 diameter in each case. The CCDs were specially developed for EPIC, and combine high quality imaging with spectral resolution close to the Fano limit. A lter wheel… CONTINUE READING
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