The Euler number of discretized sets - on the choice of adjacency in homogeneous lattices

  title={The Euler number of discretized sets - on the choice of adjacency in homogeneous lattices},
  author={Joachim Ohser and Wolfram Nagel and Katja Schladitz},


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of the fiber spinning process To simulate the influence of process parameters to the melt spinning process a fiber model is used and coupled with CFD calculations of the quench air flow

T. Götz, H. Rave, D. Reinel-Bitzer, K. Steiner, H. Tiemeier Simulatio
In the fiber model energy, momentum and mass balance are solved for the polymer mass flow. To calculate the quench air the Lattice Boltzmann method is used. Simulations and experiments for different process parameters and hole configurations are compared and show a good agreement. Keywords: Melt spi • 2001

A Review on Image Distortion Measures Within this paper we review image distortion measures

A. Becke
A distortion measure is a criterion that assigns a “quality number” to an image. We distinguish between mathematical distortion measures and those distortion measures in-cooperating a priori knowledge about the imaging devices ( e. g. satellite images), image processing algorithms or the human physi • 2000

On the Analysis of Spatial Binary Images This paper deals with the characterization of microscopically heterogeneous, but macroscopically homogeneous spatial structures

C. Lang, J. Ohser, R. Hilfe
A new method is presented which is strictly based on integral-geometric formulae such as Crofton’s intersection formulae and Hadwiger’s recursive definition of the Euler number. The corresponding algorithms have clear advantages over other techniques. As an example of application we consider the ana • 1999

On the Construction of Discrete Equilibrium Distributions for Kinetic Schemes A general approach to the construction of discrete equilibrium distributions is presented

M. Jun
Such distribution functions can be used to set up Kinetic Schemes as well as Lattice Boltzmann methods. The general principles are also applied to the construction of Chapman Enskog distributions which are used in Kinetic Schemes for com pressible Navier-Stokes equations. (24 S., • 1999

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