The Ethiopian World Federation: A Pan-African Organisation among the Rastafari in Jamaica

  title={The Ethiopian World Federation: A Pan-African Organisation among the Rastafari in Jamaica},
  author={Giulia Bonacci},
  journal={Caribbean Quarterly},
  pages={73 - 95}
in introducing his book on the early history of the Rastafari movement, Robert A. Hill mentioned the "chronic historical myopia"1 induced by the i960 report on the Rastafari movement written by M. G. Smith, Roy Augier and Rex Nettleford. Indeed, despite a few major references,2 research of a historical nature on Rastafari is lagging behind anthropological and theological enquiries. The cost of such disciplinary unbalance is high as "it results in the substitution of largely apocryphal… Expand
The Politics of Repatriation and the First Rastafari, 1932–1940
This article examines Leonard P. Howell’s understanding of repatriation as a form of black resistance aimed at decolonizing Jamaica. Howell, who is considered a Rastafari founder, engaged inExpand
The return to Ethiopia of the Twelve Tribes of Israel
Twenty-eight years ago, F.J. van Dijk published in the New West Indian Guide what remained for a long time the only scholarly paper on the Twelve Tribes of Israel. Undoubtedly the largest RastafariExpand
Chanting up Zion: Reggae as Productive Mechanism for Repatriated Rastafari in Ethiopia
Since the 1960s, Rastafari from Jamaica and other countries have been “returning” to Ethiopia in the belief that it is their Promised Land, Zion. Based on extensive ethnographic research in EthiopiaExpand
“Mau Mau are Angels … Sent by Haile Selassie”: A Kenyan War in Jamaica
  • Myles Osborne
  • History
  • Comparative Studies in Society and History
  • 2020
Abstract This article traces the impact of Kenya's Mau Mau uprising in Jamaica during the 1950s. Jamaican responses to Mau Mau varied dramatically by class: for members of the middle and upperExpand
La fabrique du retour en Afrique. Politiques et pratiques de l'appartenance en Jamaïque (1920-1968)
Cet article se centre sur les Jamaicains qui ont formule leur desir de rentrer en Afrique a leur gouvernement, en envoyant des lettres, des petitions et en creant plusieurs organisations. LaExpand
L’Hymne éthiopien universel (1918). Un héritage national et musical, de l’Atlantique noir à l’Éthiopie contemporaine
L’Hymne ethiopien universel a ete compose en 1918, et deux ans plus tard il devenait « l’hymne de la race negre », represente par l’UNIA de Marcus Garvey. Il etait par la suite chante par les membresExpand