The Ethics of Speculation

  title={The Ethics of Speculation},
  author={John Augustine Ryan},
  journal={The International Journal of Ethics},
  pages={335 - 347}
  • J. Ryan
  • Published 1 April 1902
  • Philosophy
  • The International Journal of Ethics
Food Prices, Ethics and Forms of Speculation
This paper examines the role of speculative motives in the deter- mination of commodity prices and specifically food related commodity prices. The motivation for this study is the considerable flow
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Understanding speculative investment behavior in the Bitcoin context from a dual-systems perspective
This study is the first attempt to empirically investigate users’ decision-making mechanism used when speculating in Bitcoin, and notable differences in the impulse and self-control effects on Bitcoin speculative investment are found with differences in Bitcoin objective and subjective knowledge.
Reframing the Moral Limits of Markets Debate: Social Domains, Values, Allocation Methods
It is argued that the current MLM debate is too much framed in terms of a market/non-market dichotomy and authors tend to distinguish insufficiently between values such as freedom, equality, and efficiency, and allocation methods such as the market, the queue, and rationing.