The Ethics of Helping Transgender Men and Women Have Children

  title={The Ethics of Helping Transgender Men and Women Have Children},
  author={Timothy F. Murphy},
  journal={Perspectives in Biology and Medicine},
  pages={46 - 60}
  • T. Murphy
  • Published 21 February 2010
  • Psychology
  • Perspectives in Biology and Medicine
A transgender man legally married to a woman has given birth to two children, raising questions about the ethics of assisted reproductive treatments (ARTs) for people with cross-sex identities. Psychiatry treats cross-sex identities as a disorder, but key medical organizations and the law in some jurisdictions have taken steps to protect people with these identities from discrimination in health care, housing, and employment. In fact, many people with cross-sex identities bypass psychiatric… 

Commentary: Transgender People Are Not That Different after All

  • S. Hunger
  • Medicine
    Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics
  • 2012
The ethics consultant here faces a unique situation, loaded with ethical concerns, stemming from both the risk of transmitting HIV to the child and the transgender identity of both partners, specifically urging the ethics consultant to consider the access given to similarly situated groups.

Pathological, Disabled, Transgender: The Ethics, History, Laws, and Contradictions in Models that Best Serve Transgender Rights

It is asked whether transgender and non-cis-gender persons should embrace their (already pathologized) personhood as a disability, because sometimes "choosing disability" affords more rights than it deploys stigma.

ESHRE Task Force on Ethics and Law 23: medically assisted reproduction in singles, lesbian and gay couples, and transsexual people†.

Ethical issues arising with requests for medically assisted reproduction from people in what may be called 'non-standard' situations and relationships are discussed, especially with regard to single women, male homosexual couples and transsexual people.

Reproducing Eugenics, Reproducing while Trans: The State Sterilization of Trans People

ABSTRACT In many jurisdictions across the world, trans people are required to undergo genital surgeries that render them infertile for the state to legally recognize their genders. This article

Ten years of fertility treatment experience and reproductive options in transgender men.

It was found that most couples requesting treatment intended to disclose the use of donor sperm to their future child while 24 couples were planning to inform the child about the parent's transgender identity.

The Ethics of Fertility Preservation in Transgender Body Modifications

  • T. Murphy
  • Medicine
    Journal of Bioethical Inquiry
  • 2012
It is imperative to counsel transgender people seeking body modifications about fertility preservation options, since the removal of testicles or ovaries will destroy the ability to have genetically related children later on.

Prevalence of pregnancy involvement among Canadian transgender youth and its relation to mental health, sexual health, and gender identity

The findings suggest that pregnancy involvement is an issue that should not be overlooked by health professionals working with transgender youth and that this group has particular sexual health needs.

Trans people's experiences with assisted reproduction services: a qualitative study.

Trans people who identified as men and who resided in major urban areas and those living in smaller communities may have different experiences that were not adequately captured in this analysis, which highlights barriers to accessing AR services for trans people.

Reproductive and Obstetrical Care for Transgender Patients

Reproductive care for the transgender population involves issues such as the effects of cross-sex hormones on fertility, fertility preservation, reproductive options, pregnancy outcomes as well as psychosocial, ethical, and legal considerations.



Sexual identity of 37 children raised by homosexual or transsexual parents.

  • R. Green
  • Psychology
    The American journal of psychiatry
  • 1978
37 children who are being raised by female homosexuals or by parents who have changed sex (transsexuals) report or recall childhood toy, game, clothing, and peer group preferences that are typical for their sex.

Gay, Straight, and In-Between: The Sexology of Erotic Orientation

This book summarizes the findings of the author's work on the sexology of sexual orientation, or what determines that some children grow up to become homosexual, whereas others become bisexual or heterosexual.

Adaptation and adjustment in children of transsexual parents

The results found that children who were younger at the time of the parent’s transition tended to have better relationships and less adjustment difficulties, and parental conflict that continues after the transition period tends to reflect greater family conflict between the transitioned parent and their child.

Lesbian motherhood and genetic choices.

Dr. Robinson explains the relatively low success rate involved in IVF and ET techniques and suggests artificial insemination of Clara's own ova.

Psychiatric comorbidity of gender identity disorders: a survey among Dutch psychiatrists.

There is little consensus, at least among Dutch psychiatrists, about diagnostic features of gender identity disorder or about the minimum age at which sex reassignment therapy is a safe option, which underline the need for more specific diagnostic rules in this area.

Is Gender Identity Disorder in Children a Mental Disorder?

The evaluation indicates that children who experience a sense of inappropriateness in the culturally prescribed gender role of their sex but do not experience discomfort with their biological sex should not be considered to have GID.

Sexual Science and the Law

Fornication child custody and homosexual parents homosexuality as a fundamental right homosexuals as a suspect class immigration and homosexuality transexualism pornography intergenerational

Crossing: A Memoir

Deirdre McCloskey, the former Donald, tells the story of her crossing the gender line in this memoir. An economist and historian, a husband and father, Donald McCloskey had cross-dressed for years