The Estimation of Partial Adjustment Models with Rational Expectations

  title={The Estimation of Partial Adjustment Models with Rational Expectations},
  author={John Kennan},
  • John Kennan
  • Published 1 November 1979
  • Economics
  • Econometrica
Investment and uncertainty in a quadratic adjustment cost model : evidence from Brazil
In this paper I assess empirically the sign of the uncertainty-investment relation in Brazil within a quadratic adjustment cost model. It is shown that these variables are negatively related in the
A generalized model of investment with an application to Finnish hog farms
A GENERALIZED MODEL OF INVESTMENT WITH AN APPLICATION TO FINNISH HOG FARMS This study develops a method for estimating a generalized investment model. Irreversible investment behavior is allowed to
Factors Affecting Hay Supply and Demand in Tennessee Authors
Understanding the interactions between supply and demand for hay is important because of hay’s significance to the agricultural sector and economy, and because hay is an important crop on highly
Stochastic Growth In Schumpeterian Dynamics
This paper discusses three key elements of stochastic growth in the Schumpeterian dynamics. These elements comprise the new entry of firms in an industry, the displacement of the old technology by
Recent models in dynamic economics: problems of estimating terminal conditions
The economic implications of the alternative methods of estimation involved in imposing the transversality condition for determining a unique optimal control policy are analysed here in some detail through several recent dynamic models in economic growth and exchange rate instability.
Lars Peter Hansen
Prepared for the Palgrave volume on University of Chicago economics
East Java Manufacturing Sector Growth Dynamics: Need More Physical Capital or Quality of Labor?
This paper identifies the dynamic pattern of East Java growth of manufacturing sector and addresses the basic questions of individual economic firms whether they would be better off if increasing
The persistence and dynamics of new venture growth
Extensive research has suggested that new ventures’ growth rates lack persistence. However, existing studies tend not to differentiate between positive and negative growth rates or examine their
Do Regulatory Measures Necessarily Affect Oman’s Seafood Export-Supply?
This article examines the influence of relative prices, production capacity, gross domestic product, fish export and trawl fishing bans, and seasonality on Oman’s fish exports to the European Union


Optimal Properties of Exponentially Weighted Forecasts
Abstract The exponentially weighted average can be interpreted as the expected value of a time series made up of two kinds of random components: one lasting a single time period (transitory) and the
Investment and Employment Decisions
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