The Escherichia coli groE chaperonins.

  title={The Escherichia coli groE chaperonins.},
  author={Costa P. Georgopoulos and Debbie Ang},
  journal={Seminars in cell biology},
  volume={1 1},
The E.coli groES and groEL genes have been shown to form an operon, to be essential for E. coli viability, and to belong to the so-called heat-shock class of genes whose expression is regulated by the intracellular levels of sigma factor sigma 32. Both groE chaperonin proteins possess a seven-fold axis of symmetry, groES being composed of seven identical subunits of 97 amino acids each, and groEL of fourteen identical subunits of 548 amino acids each. The two groE chaperonins interact… CONTINUE READING

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