The Error in Longitude in Ptolemy’s Geography Revisited

  title={The Error in Longitude in Ptolemy’s Geography Revisited},
  author={Dmitry A. Shcheglov},
  journal={The Cartographic Journal},
  pages={14 - 3}
  • D. Shcheglov
  • Published 2 January 2016
  • Physics
  • The Cartographic Journal
It is well known that all longitudes in Ptolemy’s Geography are cumulatively overestimated, so that his map is excessively stretched out from west to east in comparison with the modern map. In recent years, a hypothesis have been advanced that this stretching can be explained as a result of the change in the value of the Earth’s circumference from a larger one proposed by Eratosthenes to a lesser one by Posidonius. This explanation has two necessary presuppositions: (1) that Ptolemy’s map is… 

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