The Equalitarian Dogma

  title={The Equalitarian Dogma},
  author={Henry Edward Garrett},
  journal={Perspectives in Biology and Medicine},
  pages={480 - 484}
  • H. E. Garrett
  • Published 7 January 2015
  • Sociology
  • Perspectives in Biology and Medicine
Up to World War I, it is probable that American scientists who gave the matter any thought at all believed the Negro race to be natively less gifted than the white. Thus, the Negro was generally considered to be less intelligent and more indolent than the white, and to be somewhat lacking in the fundamental traits of honesty and reliability. This judgment was concurred in by most white Americans. Social scientists today do not often accept these onetime common-sense judgments. Instead, they… 

The Context of Correctness : A Comment on Rushton 1

According to Philippe Rushton, the "equalitarian fiction, "a "scientific hoax" that races are genetically equal in cognitive ability, underlies the "politically correct" objections to his research on

The context of correctness: A comment on rushton

According to Philippe Rushton, the “equalitarian fiction,” a “scientific hoax” that races are genetically equal in cognitive ability, underlies the “politically correct” objections to his research on

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Our purpose is to expose the complicity of the human sciences in perpetuating inequality and to make a start toward ending this complicity. The learned debate about the nature of inequality in class

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