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The Environmental, Economic, and Social Impacts of Resort Development and Tourism on Native Hawaiians

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Community Evaluation on The Effects of Tourism in Doot Poktoy, Lanuza

Doot Poktoy is an emerging surfing destination in Mindanao. In developing tourism, Policymakers could aim for long-term tourism growth. Sustainable tourism is intensely dependent on the host

Impacts of Tourism Development on Coastal Communities in Cha-am Beach, the Gulf of Thailand, through Analysis of Local Perceptions

Coastal tourism development can appropriately contribute to the livelihood of the community. To date, few studies have been conducted on the impacts of tourism development on the coastal communities

Land cover along hiking trails in a nature tourism destination: the Azores as a case study

Tourists have become increasingly interested in certain aspects of their destination, including landscape and biodiversity elements, thereby promoting the development of nature-based tourism. The

Study on the Effects of Tourism Development on the Local Community of Brasov

Tourism represents a source of prosperity for the local community, a key factor for infrastructure development and a source of new jobs, but it can also cause negative effects within the

Sustainability Issues of Aqua Tourism in Kerala

Tourism is interlinked with the natural environment and generates a lot of employment opportunities. The rapid growth of tourism industries has led to the destruction of nature because in most cases,

Ecosocialwork and transformed consciousness: Reflections on eco-mindfulness engagement with the silence of the natural world

ABSTRACT Social work has a long history of environmentally and ecologically informed practice. In recent years, the profession has begun to comprehend how environmental crises and global warming

The environment and social work: An overview and introduction

Coates J, Gray M. The environment and social work: An overview and introduction This article provides an overview and analysis of social work's engagement with the modern environmental movement.

The History and Goals of Comparative Criminology The context and history of comparative criminology

139 Theory, Method, and Data in Comparative Criminology by Gregory J. Howard, Graeme Newman, and William Alex Pridemore The goal of this chapter is to provide an overview of the recently rejuvenated



Shoal of Time: A History of the Hawaiian Islands

Gavan Daws' remarkable achievement is to free Hawaiian history from the dust of antiquity. Based on years of work in the documentary sources, Shoal of Time emerges as the most readable of all

Weekend Warriors; Alcohol in a Micronesian Culture

Minetown, Milltown, Railtown, Life in Canadian Communities of a Single Industry.

The company town, source of so much of Canada's wealth, was - and is - a place with nowhere to hide. First published in 1971, Rex Lucas's Minetown, Milltown, Railtown is a groundbreaking study of

Quality of life in resource towns

Ain't no big thing: Coping Strategies in a Hawaiian-American Community

Hawaii: The Legend That Sells

Report on the culture, needs, and concerns of Native Hawaiians. Native Hawaiian Study Commission

  • 1983

Report to congresss on the health care needs of Native Hawaiians

  • 1986

Employment forecasting and social policy: The search for stability in an uncertain world. Prepared for the Hawaii State Employment Plan Conference of the State Commission on power and Full Employment

  • 1984

Employment forecasting and social policy : The search for stability in an uncertain world

  • 1984