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The Enigmatic Influence of Video-Internet Gaming: Liabilities and Assets over the Lifespan

  title={The Enigmatic Influence of Video-Internet Gaming: Liabilities and Assets over the Lifespan},
  author={Trevor Archer and Danilo Garcia and Saleh Moradi},
Against an ever-increasing background of sedentary lifestyles and the over-indulgence of unsuitable food/drink intake, the advent of video/internet games may be viewed as commodity defined by opposing assets and liabilities. The latter emanate from the aggressiveness, violence, desensitization, criminality and loss of impulse control associated with violent action video games and may eventually culminate in the internet gaming disorder condition whereas the former are linked to educational… 
Internet-video Gaming: Symptoms, Epidemiology, Neurophysiology and Interventional Aspects
Excessive perseverance with video-internet game usage, or alternatively Internet Gaming Disorder, presents a condition that, despite the potential utility of the underlying technology, augurs an
Internet Gaming Disorder Co-morbidity Linked to Depression and Other Affective Problems
The links between excessive internet game play and depressive symptoms are well-established [1,2]. Many of the problematic and dysfunctional tendencies often defined by loss of impulse control that
Addictive Behaviour on the Internet: A Quagmire for the Young and Unsuspecting
  • A. Trevor
  • Psychology
    Archives of Addiction and Rehabilitation
  • 2019
The present account examines addictive disorders that are linked to internet technological advances and communicational, more-or-less, unrestricted access, namely gambling disorder, Internet gaming
Cognition and Intervention in Traumatic Brain Injury
Signs and symptoms in various wound-combinations, intensities and severities, locations and stages will offer the determination of the dimensions of short-term and long-term disruption of physical, sensory-motor, cognitive-emotional, behavioral and emotional domains of TBI.


A cross-sectional analysis of video games and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder symptoms in adolescents
Adolescents who play more than one hour of console or Internet video games may have more or more intense symptoms of ADHD or inattention than those who do not, and may also place these individuals at increased risk for problems in school.
A longitudinal study of risk-glorifying video games and behavioral deviance.
Mediational models support the perspective that MRRG gameplay can have consequences for deviant behavior broadly defined by affecting the personality, attitudes, and values of the player.
Internet Addictive Behavior
since the 1990s, and this process continues. The internet now provides solutions to an enormous number of tasks in learning, social activities, the conduct of business, scientific developments and
Problematic digital gaming behavior and its relation to the psychological, social and physical health of Finnish adolescents and young adults
It is indicated that the amount of weekly gaming, depression and a preference for online social interaction predicted increased problematic gaming symptoms.
Clinical features and axis I comorbidity of Australian adolescent pathological Internet and video game users
Assessment of clinical features of pathological video gaming and pathological Internet use in a normative Australian adolescent population suggests an emerging trend towards the greater uptake and use of the Internet among female adolescents, with associated PIU.
Electronic Gaming and Psychosocial Adjustment
Games consistently but not robustly associated with children’s adjustment in both positive and negative ways, findings that inform policy-making as well as future avenues for research in the area are found.
Addictive Online Games: Examining the Relationship Between Game Genres and Internet Gaming Disorder
Although time spent playing both online and offline games was related to IGD, online games showed much stronger correlations and this tendency is also reflected within various genres.